QualCorp History

In 1992 QualCorp, Inc. began servicing the needs of the insurance community as a third party administrator (TPA) in issuing insurance policies for various MGA’s throughout California. QualCorp, Inc. was one of the first companies to use insurance database technology connected to a robust word- processing environment. QualCorp insurance software allows large amounts of insurance transactions to process in a very short time-frame as a low cost alternative to Intra insurance office development.

Between 1992-1995, QualCorp, Inc. developed 103 custom insurance software applications designed to automate specific coverage types for specific MGA/Carrier needs. Along with the development came a high level of maintenance. These levels of maintenance would hamper any future expansion as it already had happened to many insurance companies. With over 80 carriers represented in their suite of products, QualCorp, Inc. was issuing over 12,000 insurance policies a month for both commercial and personal lines of business spanning all 50 states and Canada.

In 1996, QualCorp, Inc. executives decided to take their knowledge gained in issuing over 500,000 insurance policies and their collective IT knowledge to create a product that would allow them, as a TPA, to continue to issue the vast variety of insurance policies while only having to maintain one central piece of insurance software which was eventually dubbed "FormsPlus".

With assistance from developers at Microsoft, QualCorp, Inc. began an aggressive software development plan that would lead them to have the state of-the-art insurance computer software. This insurance software is designed to issue any insurance transaction including new business, endorsements, cancellations, rewrite and renewals. It’s compatible for any insurance company, national or international, for MGA/GA or MGU & any coverage type from personal to commercial, life& health or Workers’ Compensation policies for all 50 states. The key concept for the FormsPlus product was the idea of a "forms-driven database". The FormsPlus interface changes dynamically based on what insurance coverage type is being issued in a transaction for carrier/MGA & state.

FormsPlus is a revolutionary product for the insurance community. There is no longer any duplicate data entry required for insurance transaction processing. Bulk printing and remote processing are now an option that was never available before. As time moved forward, QualCorp, Inc. understood the need to integrate their policy issuance& policy management systems with all of the premiere rating vendors in the insurance industry. QualCorp insurance programs make the data available out of their Microsoft SQL database to accounting vendors/systems, statistical reporting systems, insurance claim systems and other in-house systems used by their customers.

One constant flow of data was now their model. From the agents inputting data via a website, then to the rating engine, through to the issuance system and lastly into the accounting and claims system with absolutely no repetitive data entry. No amount of energy expressed by any user throughout the chain of events was ever wasted.

This revolutionary vision of the founders of QualCorp, Inc. has made their products – FormsPlus, iForms and QueryPlus© the new benchmark for other insurance software vendors to strive to achieve. As a Microsoft Solution Provider for over 15 years, QualCorp, Inc. continues to explore the lasted technology available in order to keep their customers on the leading edge of insurance & business processing.