Hands Free Processing

iForms is a "forms driven" database. When client policy forms are introduced to iForms, a unique database is dynamically created along with a client specific user interface. All variable fields on the policy documents become fields in the database. Through this process each customer gets a "custom" application for a nominal investment within a short timeframe. Customers may also capture unique company specific data to be reflected in their iForms SQL database. iForms is a policy admin/issue system that affords the user flexibility to issue all standard or non-standard personal/commercial lines policies and their associated transactions in all 50 states utilizing Microsoft technology.
Here is a sample of what iForms can automate:
  • Quote Issuance - Integration with ALL major rating systems
  • Policy Issuance - All Personal/Commercial lines
  • Policy Administration - Handles Endorsements, Renewals, Cancellations, Reinstatements with reprinting capabilities
  • Company Uploads - Data can be sent via XML/ASCII to Carrier, Claims TPA’s or any other third party systems
  • iConnect - XML Integration tool connects forms to Rating/Agency Management System/Back-end Systems

MyRate: Web-Based Rating Engine

MyRate is a fully customizable non-Admitted rating tool built and designed around your specific rating algorithms, LCM’s and screen designs. MyRate is available as a LAN deployed product or as a web-based product. We not only design and build the rating/calculation engine; we can also encompass submission verification and tracking. MyRate fully transfers all of the data captured or created into our iForms policy processing system for seamless single entry policy production. With over 20 years’ experience in building and designing rating/policy issuance systems why settle for an out-of-the-box vanilla rating solution. Your business is specialized; shouldn’t your software be unique?
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Read What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Fully customizble Admitted Rating Design
  • Fully Integratable with your rating product
  • Hands-Free processing
  • Powerful Print Engine
  • Distribute Policy - Print to Email, remote printers, or imaging products
  • Proprietary Form Driven Database - Microsoft SQL
  • Easily Configurable Security Module
  • Enterprise Level Client/Server architecture
  • Platinum Level Service and Support
  • Reliable Microsoft Foundation
  • Form Library Maintenance Service
  • Microsoft Vista Compatible
  • Office 2007 Compatible