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Insurance Reporting and Data Extraction

QueryPlus© by QualCorp is a state-of-the-art data extraction and reporting tool designed specifically for the insurance industry to give you instant access to the critical information you need to make timely business decisions. With QueryPlus© you are in the driver’s seat.

Designed specifically for insurance agencies and built with the novice user in mind, QueryPlus© is the key to the information locked away inside your software. Combine fields from any section of your management software to create custom hybrid datasets never before possible and do it on the fly. With QueryPlus© you have the ability set up your own data filters, define custom data groups, decide the export file format, and much more — all quickly and easily without writing one single line of code.

For those agencies with advanced reporting needs, QueryPlus© includes a customized report designer which allows you to create even the most complex reports using your custom dataset. Though the preferred format for data processing may often be that of Excel spreadsheets, QueryPlus© is also the tool of choice for those who want the most robust reporting features available. By providing a friendly, intuitive, visually-based, wizard-driven report design environment, QueryPlus© allows for possibilities that will stretch the imagination of even the most advanced report users.

QueryPlus© represents the next generation in insurance reporting. Taking your input, QueryPlus© dynamically writes complex SQL queries behind the scenes and then displays the results in a simple, familiar, and flexible grid format where data can be easily manipulated by simply dragging and dropping. From customer ranking reports to complex accounting reports, QueryPlus© allows you to get the critical business data you need quickly & efficiently.

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  • The ability to easily combine data from ANY related fields in your database
  • Create simple or complex reports depending on your requirements
  • Save and schedule reports to re-run whenever you need
  • Quick access to all data in your agency database
  • Step-by-step wizards guide you through the creation process
  • Create custom pivot tables, calculations, filters, groups, counts, totals, etc.
  • Export data to .doc, .exe, .pdf, .xml, and many more commonly used file extensions